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    May 2011
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    Default New RTI speakers

    After replacing my Onkyo 608 with a Less Powerful Harman Kardon, I have much better speakers.
    The H-K made my RTI 4's much more dynamic, powerful sounding, cleaned up the sound, good for both music and movies. Movies are more dynamic and the dialogue is crystal clear. The sound of the H-K compared to the nicely built Onkyo, which I've never had a problem with, the sound difference is night and day in my system.
    The H-K does not have all the bells and whistles that the Onkyo has but the sound is so much better.

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    Most times good basic clean power is far better than bells and whistles. Hard to beat HK.
    Main Family Room: Sony 46 LCD, Sony Blue Ray, Sony DVD/VCR combo,Onkyo TXNR 708, Parasound 5250,
    Polk SDS-SRS with mods, CSI 5 center + Klipsch SC2, Polk RT2000P rears, Klipsch KG 1.5's sides, Polk Micro Pro 1000, Polk Micro Pro 2000, Polk SW505, Belkin PF60, Signal Cable Classics,Monster IC's, 2 15 amp circuits & 1 20 amp circuit.

    Living Room: Belkin PF60, Parasound HCA2200, MIT ProlineEXP balanced IC's,Emotiva XDA-1 DAC/Pre,Emotiva ERC2 transport,MIT AVT2, Polk LSI 9's.

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    Onkyo has always been overrated from my experience and the H-K has been underrated.
    Does your H-K receiver run cooler than your Onkyo did?

    Main HT/2 ch:
    Pioneer SC-07, BDP-05FD, Emotiva XPA-5 x 2, XPA-1 x 2,
    Polk Audio LSi25, RTi12 x 2, LSi15 x 4, LSiC x 2, PSW1000 x 4,

    MB HT/ 2 ch:
    LG 47LM5800, Pioneer SC-1523, BDP-23FD, Sony BDP-S790, Emotiva XPA-2, XPA-5,
    Polk Audio LSi25,15, CSi5, LSiFX, PSW505 x 4

    Listening Room 2 ch:
    McIntosh MC122, MC162, MC202, C15, C41, C42, MA6500, MA6900, MCD201, MCD301, MR85, MX130, MX134
    Emotiva RSP-2, RPA-1, ERC-2
    Adcom GCD 750, GFP 750, GFA 5802
    Polk Audio LSi7,9, 15

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    congrats on HK and enjoy what you have...HK gets my vote too...
    Video: LG 55LN5100/Samsung LNT4065F
    Receiver: HK AVR445
    Source: OPPO BDP-93
    HT: POLK SPEAKERS RTi6, FXi3, CSi5 - Sub SUB-1200
    2Ch system: MC2105, C-26, AR-XA, MR-80, AR-2A, AR9, BX-300

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    May 2011
    White trash hills of WV


    My Onkyo never ran too hot, it is a fine AVR but it does not have the dynamic sound of my H-K.
    Everything is sooo much better through the H-K.

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