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    Default audcom a5 integrated help please.

    I had never heard of this brand, found very little outside of one satisfied owners comments on ak.

    Seems to have what im looking for to replace my adcom stack, and it has a tube in pre, another plus.

    I noticed in the cp archives russ and a couple others have owned and sold a 110 amp here and all liked it.

    anyone with experience with this particular integrated, please comment.

    Im pretty satisfied it is not white van type company, but any company can have a stinker or two.

    Owner and ak comments say it can run hot, wondering if its volcano or low simmer.
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    Not entirely sure from first hand experience but it isn't a bad little unit according to an audio-bud in Denver. He picked one up since the last time I was at his house and runs it in his office system. He runs a Peachtree DAC from his Mac Pro into the Audcom and is powering a pair of Onix Reference 2 bookies with it.

    He is a pretty avid audio guy and he really digs it. Never heard him mention of it getting too hot and he keeps in on his desk within reach so...
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