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    Default Rear surround speakers

    I am new to the home theater set up. I recently purchased polk TSI 400 floors, CS20 center, PSW111 SUB, powered by a 7.1 Yamaha V673. All is good , sounds great....would like to get some surrounds that wont brake the bank and remain compatible with the TSI series.

    Currently, researching smaller wall speakers for rear sound. Appreciate any recommendations on speakers and optimal set up. Thanks for your time.


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    Depends on your budget.

    The Polk FXI/A series are a good match, but you can always use any bookshelf that will fit your budget.

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    I have a set of FXi5's that are unreal. I love the fact you can switch from bipole for music to dipole for movies. The 5's are discontinued, but the FXi a4's or FXi-a6's would do you proud.

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    Look around in your local thrift stores and craigslist. You don't need much for rears and your receiver is getting close to a full load. Show us what you do with some nice juicy photos.
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