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Thread: Line in L+R

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    Default Line in L+R

    I'm sure this has been said many time but I can not find the thread here to explain it.

    Just got a PSW108 and TL350s and about to get the amp.

    On the receiver i'm about to get it just says subwoofer with one RCA, on the back of the sub I have "L+R" the manual seems to imply that it does not matter which one I use, when using a single ended RCA cable.

    Should I use a splitter to use both?

    Also it says turn the low pass filter to full, I assume this means I set how the cut off is done within the amp, the manual says set the cut of to 120Hz is that good for the TL350's?

    And does this method work if I use a Y spitter or not?


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    The L+R inputs on the sub are summed by the sub, so it makes no difference if you use both inputs or just one.

    The receiver says to turn the sub's low pass filter to full (or its highest setting) because the receiver will do your bass management, not the sub. 120Hz is usually the highest cutoff frequency on a sub--that's why it says 120Hz.

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    No splitter needed. Just plug it into either one...

    Beat me to it Syndil

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    Thank you both, so no need to hunt around for splitter.

    Just need to get the amp and start setting up, I'm going for a Denon AVR-2113

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    If you decide to add another sub you will need a splitter.
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