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    Default Internet radio any good at all???

    Internet radio stations any good at all?? Like FM 181. You can pick the music you want to listen to. Which is real nice. But to me..even on PC speakers...this stuff sounds really compressed.

    Is it worth putting a laptop on your rig, to get this stuff...or are your ears going to bleed and just a waste of time???

    Just wondering????

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    I listen to internet radio stations programmed into my Sonos...controlled by phone, and PC apps

    Are they for critical, but for run of the mill listening while messing around or doing the "honey do's" for me
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    Not bad for background...sometimes pick up new songs from artists that aren't played elsewhere. Wouldn't sink a lot of cash to reproduce the sound though! That's just me though!

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    i use all the time. never need to buy another CD.
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    I used my 3 Onkyo receivers all the time, there is free ones on vtuner that are 160k-320k not bad at all

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