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    Default polk rti12 with carver pm-1.5 or emotiva xpa-5

    hello, im new to the forum, first let me say that i dont know if its the right place to post this question, my apologies if it isn't, i hope you guys can give me some advice it will be much appreciated
    this is my set up:

    fronts: rti12
    center: csi5
    rears: rti4
    sub: psw505
    receiver: rx-a810

    would an emotiva xpa-5 be better option for the rti12 or a carver pm-1.5 i listen to music 60% 40% movies and i care more about music listening than moives, i know they both have different specs, if i connect only the fronts to either amplifier would i notice any difference between the two?

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    I don't know about the emotiva, I have never owned one, but I had a Carver M1.0t hooked up to a pair of RTi8's and was really impressed with what it brought out int those speakers. I think the 1.5 would pair very nicely with the RTi12's.

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    i know there is a similar post but the difference between the two amps is like 150wpc and the ones im trying to decide the difference is 250wpc and dont know if emotiva would have less power and better quality maybe i wont notice the difference, this would be my first amplifier, thanks for the input trav0810

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    I have the RTiA9's, and although a lot of members run their 12's and A9's with either an XPA-5 or XPA-3 and like it, I had the XPA-3 but prefer the XPA-2 on my mains for music.
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