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    Question Center channel not as 'bright' as I think it should be.

    I am running a Yamaha 673 and Polk TL1600 surround system. The TL1 center channel doesn't sound as crisp and clear as the surround TL1's even after using the YPAO auto setup. The volume may be correct for the distance, but it just sounds duller.
    I double checked the polarity, I am using 18ga wire on a 6ft. run with Sewell Silverbacks on each end, and I haven't made any option settings that I can see that would account for this.

    Any thoughts woud be appreciated.

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    That is hard to say since nobody knows what 'bright' should sound like for you. It might very well be working as designed, then again, maybe not. Try turning the center channel up a few DB and see if that helps.

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    as far as "bright", are there highs coming from center? make sure the receiver has the center set to small, double check that the tweeter is working in the center channel, connect it to another channel just to hear if the sound from the center changes, and as blue fox said you can try turning it up a few DB's. But if some reason the tweeter is not working turning the volume up won't help. I know just what you needed more vague help lol.
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    Welcome to Club Polk!

    If you want "bright" and "loud" get a "huge" RTi-A6 center and be done with it. Of course since you're running satellites, the giant center probably won't have much WAF or you may not even have "space" for it. But that would SOLVE your problem completely!

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    check your speaker levels, they may be set too low. Start at 0 and adjust up or down to your tastes.

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    get some monoprice plugs too, copper>brass
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