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    Default Problems with Monitor 70s out of the box?

    Hi everyone-

    First post here on the Polk Monitor forum...

    I recently purchased two Polk Monitor 70 Series II speakers to add to my 7.1 setup. I am running it through an onkyo tx-nr616 receiver. After unboxing the speakers last night, I ran it through the audyseey settings and noticed that the tweeter in one of the speakers made a very high-pitch and less full sound than the other one. After the setup, I went into the settings and set the equalizer higher on the problem speaker and sure enough, the tweeter just sounded less full and distorted compared to the other one.

    I then decided to remove the wiring and plug it my previous tower speaker to see if that could be it, and the old speakers performed fine, so it's not that. The Monitor 70s do have two sets of connectors on the back, so I simply plugged it in to the connectors on the bottom and there was a difference. The tweeter did have a much fuller sound, but it still didn't hit the highs like the other did. I don't know if there is a problem with the tweeter, or if it is a problem with the connectors on the back? (I should reference that the package this speaker came in was pretty banged up. There is a small dent in the back of the speaker, but nothing that is really noticeable)

    To make matters worse, I then watched a blu-ray of Stars Wars the Clone Wars and watched a battle scene (I didn't blast it by any means). Putting the speakers side-by-side, I tried to compare the differences between the two. The problem speaker had much more power coming through the woofers than the speaker that I thought was fine, so now I'm wondering if both of my speakers are faulty?

    Am I doing something wrong here, or should I just break in the speakers a little more?

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    Hello collude,
    Welcome to Polk's forum, I'm sorry there's a problem. In all likelihood you have a damaged tweeter that would have to be replaced. Give Polk's CS guys a call at: 1-800-377-7655 or send them an email to: Be sure to have the speaker's serial number and your sales receipt handy when calling.
    Regards, Ken

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