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    Default Advice needed re: speakers for friend

    A female friend of mine has one of those modern multi-room open concept configurations. She also has lots of sofas, etc, and other things which restrict the ability to utilize some floor standing speakers I could provide her. She has a Harmon Kardon 670 receiver, and she would prefer some bookshelf-type speakers to either place on stands or mount on the wall. Polk has Monitor 30 II's on the e-bay store for $89 new. Not familiar with those speakers. Would those be suitable for that receiver and the large open-room concept? Any other suggestions? She has very limited budget. She will be playing cds/tuner for now, 2 channel. Thanks in advance for any advice.

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    Think I'd go with Monitor 40's for a larger open room if she is against stands. Would also look into the TSI200's with stands that a Polk member has for sale (John Megadeath I think). Look in the for sale section.

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    Go with the M40s. I have two in my HT system. They are some bumping speakers. Sound even better with a sub.
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