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    Default FS: Akai Gx-636 reel to reel recorder

    For Sale: Akai GX-636 reel to reel tape recorder. Comes with unit, takeup reel, and reel cover. A little beaten up, but works fine. I would say a 6/10 on the audiogon scale. $425/obo.


    The GX-636 is one of the very last entries in the, now famous, GX series. It is an extremely well made machine greatly benefiting from the evolving technology of its predecessors. Because of its 6 heads, 4 being Glass & Xtal Ferrite, it has the ability to reproduce tape with extreme clarity and stunning accuracy throughout entire frequency range. No other tape deck can compare to the GX-636 in terms of sonic performance, flexibility, and durability. Some people are saying GX-636 it's better than GX-747. It is loaded with many features, some of which include :

    EE Tape Compatibility with the advent of high performance Extra Efficiency (EE) tapes, it caused older reel-to-reel system to be outdated. New circuitry was required in order to reap the full benefits that EE tapes delivered. Because of Akai’s involvement in the creation of EE technology they were able to design optimal, advanced circuitry to fully maximize the amazing qualities of EE. The sonic performance is truly remarkable with much better output, broader dynamic range, wider frequency response, and an absolute minimal amount of distortion.
    Head System With the Akai GX Auto reverse in made possible with 6 heads in the GX-636. Four of them are the renowned Akai GX-one each for forward recording, forward playback, reverse recording, reverse playback. They’re arranged along with the two erase heads in the head block with perfect symmetry. So you get accurate, stable tape travel with absolutely no contact error. It’s the unmatched quality of the Akai GX heads that make them a standout feature. Made form low noise crystal ferrite and super hard glass, they’re incredibly durable. Their design eliminates the contour effect for flatter low-frequency response. And the system as a whole maintains the ideal head gap for each function, improving head sensitivity and eliminating dropouts. They mean improved overall performance with longer, more trouble free life than any other conventional heads.
    Steady, Smoothly Driven Transport Three independent motors in the GX-636 are used to drive the capstan, supply reel and take-up reel. So each of these functions can be precisely controlled for optimum stability of tape travel. The DD capstan motor is extremely stable, maintaining perfect speed at all times, while keeping wow & flutter to a negligible level. Each part of the tape transport system is precision-aligned to fine tolerances, guaranteeing smooth, unimpeded tape travel. Additionally it got motorized tension arms that make tape threading easy. During fast forward or redwing, they automatically sense and correct for tape slack or potential snagging; and at the end of the tape, the open automatically to let you change tape with minimal effort.
    Feather-Touch, Microcomputer Login Controls A subtle nudge activates these controls to effortlessly operate the transport mechanism. Tape travel direction is verified by a lighted indicator, and the standby mode is in effect when the indicator is blinking. It’s all recognizable at a glance. Direct mode changes between any two transport functions are possible. So you can jump quickly from one to the other without fear of damage to the tape or transport.
    Uninterrupted Performance With auto reverse, there’s no need to flip over the reels at the end of the tape, because tape travel is automatically reversed, either at the end of the tape or a preset reverse point in either playback or record. So side changes go unnoticed. And with the Reverse Selector switch, you have the option of one-way or two-way recording or playback, or continuous playback for super long-play capability.
    Multiple Reel Sizes The GX-636 has the ability to play all reel sizes 10” and lower.
    2 Highly Accurate Vu Power Indicators The highly accurate Vu meters allow you to visually detect the audible signal for each channel. Also contains a built-in over-modulation indicator for each channel, this prevents unwanted distortion during recording.
    Line Voltage Selector This feature is only on a small percentage of the GX-636. It has a voltage switch on the back and a Hz switch just inside the rear panel which allows you to select the proper voltage according to your countries standards. Unit will operate in any country!
    Timer Start Switch A 3 mode switch for absentee recording and timed playback.


    Akai GX-636 Reel-to-Reel Deck.

    Akai original shaped heart plastic cover.

    Original Akai NAB Adaptor Hubs.

    Akai Take up Reel.

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    I put it up on ebay: [url][/url]

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