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    Default RtiA9 woofer issues


    Recently purchased the 5.1 RtiA9's, CsiA6, FxiA6, PSW505 with a new Onkyo NR616 and my woofers on the RtiA9's fail my Audessey EQing. Tried biamping and the EQing comes back at 60Hz rather than the full range. Separated the highs and lows on the receiver and when it tests the woofers, it is a quiet and muffled sound and the EQing cannot get a reading and it errors out. Right now they are still separated on the receiver and some sound comes out but not working like it should. I have 100W going to the mids and highs, and another 100W going to the woofers and I feel that I should be getting more out of my speakers.

    Any help is appreciated.


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    That AVR, hell just about any AVR cannot drive the A9's properly. You need a separate amp.

    BTW, you are not bi-amping squat with an AVR. Look up what true bi-amping really is.
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    You will really need more power to drive the A9's. If you try bi-amping like you are doing it only cuts the power to all of the channels, your amp is only 100 watts with two channels driven really drops off after you start adding more speakers
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    Thanks for the input. Let me see what my budget can come up with...

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    tell us your budget and we'll spend it for you.

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    You didn't say, but have you just tried driving the A9's by themselves without any of the other speakers hooked up? If you are getting 'sound' that sounds 'right', at least you know that
    the 9's aren't buggered up.
    Don't be trying to 'bi' anything, just ensure the straps are in place on the 9's speaker terminals, plug in your speaker cables, top or bottom, not both and give it a listen.
    As suggested, that receiver, along with many others, aren't going to be comfortable pushing that entire set up comfortably. But, when you get it dialed in I think you will be surprised.
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    I had very similar issues myself when I got started. Onkyo makes a great AVR but as stated above, however it will not drive your A9s to any good capacity. Unfortunately it is true that'll you'll need external amplification for your 9's. I personally spent a lot of money needlessly before I found the amplification solution. Now I have the 12s on an external parasound 2250 (which I highly recommend!!!) I will use my AVR to drive the surrounds and center speakers. Could you go on an amplify the surrounds and center, yes but it should really do fine without if you so choose. NICE setup by the way!!!! You'll enjoy it profoundly!!
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    Everyone is right-on with their recommendations. I would first try to correctly configure the Audessey. Get an SPL meter and do it manually if you need to. I don't know why it's failing Audessey. With the speakers you have, I believe that AVR will only moderately (at best) drive them. Hate to say it but you need power! With the right amplification that set-up will sing.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ken brydson View Post
    tell us your budget and we'll spend it for you.
    Actually, we'll spend your budget ---plus 50% - minimum!!
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