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    Default the next generation's name for the record player

    so I showed a picture of a record player/turntable and asked my 14 year old daughter, who'se in the GT program at school, what's this called?

    "a cd thinge ma bob"
    Oh my God, I started laughing, shows my age.
    And she's actually into music, plays the bass guitar, and of course listens to Apple Itunes, and has never bought a cd herself, she only sees me buy cd's.
    just a funny story, wanted to share.

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    My little cousins always call my record player a "What's that?"

    In search of accurate reproduction of music. Real sound is my reference and while perfection may not be attainable? If I chase it, I might just catch excellence.

    The best way to enjoy digital music reproduction is to never listen to good analogue reproduction.

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