Hellooo fellow Polkies.

Would rather ask this without getting into the details.. lets just say Im on a very tight budget.

Originally when buying the sub I planned to connect it to my sound card's center/bass jack via Y splitter.. but no matter how I configure the settings I cant get that jack to work. So instead Im using the 2.1 channel jack, assuming this would work fine with the crossover cutting out anything not in the sub's frequency range.

And it has been working, but not really to my liking. I can hear the thumps coming from the sub long before ever feeling them.. in order to drown out the sound of them I have to turn my speakers wayyyyy above the sub.

Sooo to the questions..

Legitimate connection or not?

Should I wait till I have a proper receiver before writing the sub off?


EDIT: Thanks for any help in advance <3