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    Default Hardwood floor protection

    Since most here are similar in the fact that we spend a lot of time in our living rooms listening to music or movies, I have a question for those of you who have hardwood floors. What do you guys suggest or have under your chairs, couches, or sectionals to prevent damage and sliding on this type of flooring? I have a sectional myself and it doesn't sit on legs, but on bars that run along the front back and sides. What do y'all suggest? Rugs perhaps?
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    I have a maple laminate floor in my HT room, and for the couches, chairs, etc. I use stick on beige colored slider pads on the front legs, and stick on rubber ones on the back, got both at Home Depot I believe. The rubber keeps the chair in place, but if I want to move it I just pick up slightly on the back and it moves easily on the slider pads. Both protect the floor. Probably lots of other ideas out there too...

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    I bit the bullet and bought an enormous (don't laugh) thick shag rug for my living room.

    I have cork board floors, and although I adore both the look and feel of them, you can scratch and/or dent them by sneezing.
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    Get a nice wool rug to put under 'em. A wool area rug would probably improve the sound over bare floors. As it is now I would imagine there's slap echo in the room.
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    I ran into the same issue. The problem with the stick-on stuff is that if the furniture gets moved around or if someone knocks it, the adhesive isn't strong enough to keep the pad on. Plus the stick-ons I have found are backed with white paper, which is visible and IMO tacky. So I found an old can of spray adhesive in the garage, and went and bought a sheet of felt fabric. Cut fabric to match surface, spray it, stick it, done. Make sure you give the adhesive plenty of time to dry. But once it's on there, it isn't coming off without considerable effort. Looks factory if it's done right.

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    I have oak hardwood, and have put isolation pads under my towers and subs, and have rubber feet on all stands.

    I have put rugs in the rooms, listen with blinds down. and you notice the difference fo sho
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    I use the ones that hammer into the bottom of wood furniture.
    For my Polk RTI10's I found screw in feet that have rubber bottoms.
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