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    Default HT Rear Surround Feedback Request

    I am considering adding a pair of rear surround to my home theater setup to move from a 5.1 configuration to a 7.1 configuration.

    My current 5.1 speaker setup consists of a Hsu Research VTF-15H Powered Subwoofer, a pair of TSi500s up front (bi-amped), a CS20 center, and two TSi200's for surrounds. The TSi's I currently have are all cherry finish.

    The audio area is an enclosed HT: 12.5' x 21' x 8' carpeted basement room with 2"-4" acoustic panels on walls & ceiling. I have a Yamaha RX-A2020 receiver and the room is used 80-90% for movies and the rest for music.

    The seating position is located approximately 17' from the screen. The TSi200's are mounted to the side walls just above and behind the seating position (~18').

    The rear wall has a ~5' door way on one side leaving me effectively a 2.5'-3' area to center the rear surrounds. I have looked at the TSi100's, TSi200s, OWM3/5 as well as the RC55i (space limited between stud).

    I have been bouncing back and forth between each of the options I've listed above; but, I am leaning towards the TSi200s. Before I pull the trigger on anything, I wanted to get some feedback on other's recommendations.

    Thanks in advance.
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    central Texas, trailer court on right


    I would probably look at fxi a 4 or 6 for surrounds, and move the 200 to rear duty.

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    I did not think that the FXi series were timbre matched to the TSi series.

    It was also my understanding that the FXi speakers were typically used in situations where the dipole served to create the effective presence of the rear channels (where rears could not be mounted).

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    Timbre matching the surrounds is not nearly as important as the front 3. I prefer bipole/dipole on the side myself.

    And welcome to CP!!

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    I agree 100% with Ken. And after using two different bookshelves and one pair of towers in the surround spot, the FXiA6 is the best surround speaker I've ever heard.
    Draggn' knee is exhilarating, 150mph wheel standers are pretty cool too

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