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Thread: 2 subs?

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    Default 2 subs?

    I have an Onkyo ht-s5400. I just purchased two tsi400's, a cs10, and a psw10.

    Now I was wondering can I install another psw10 if i wanted to? If so i am not sure if my onkyo has another rca connection for a second sub? If it does not how would I go about installing a second one? thx.

    Second question is I was checking my setup in the onkyo menu and noticed that my sub is set to 150 mhz or was it of the two. Someone told me to set it to 120?

    In the same menu someone told me to set the two tsi400's to small so the sub can do all the work. When I took them off large there was a part in the menu that said double bass was off...what does that mean? can i get better bass with them set to large and double bass on? thx.

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    Easy as pie. If your receiver is without a second subwoofer output, just buy an inexpensive splitter (one male, two female).

    I find that two subs is vastly superior. I don't like to co-locate, but instead put one near the front left speaker and the other near the front right speaker. Bass is then smooth and spread out over the entire front of the stage. Good luck.

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    thx. sounds good. another audio forum mentioned to me why waste my money on another sub par (psw10) sub. why not just upgrade. well what do you all think here about that?

    i was just thinking of picking anohter psw10 because it is on sale at bb for $99. the one i b0ught last weekend is just awesome i think.

    any ideas? thx.

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    As long as *YOU* are happy, don't give a crap what others think.
    If you like the PSW10 and want a second one, go for it.
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    wait for amazon or newegg to have the psw 505 for 190, i've heard the 10, and it was kinda lame by the standards set by my 505's and 110, the 505 has a lot more bass than 2 psw 10's, and you can run it along with the ten if you can get tem to blend well
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    I like dual subs but do agree you'll be better off upgrading to a better sub over having 2 PSW10's.
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    Quote Originally Posted by seabeerob213 View Post
    wait for amazon or newegg to have the psw 505 for 190, i've heard the 10, and it was kinda lame by the standards set by my 505's and 110, the 505 has a lot more bass than 2 psw 10's, and you can run it along with the ten if you can get tem to blend well
    ^This. You won't believe the increase in performance a PSW505 will give you over the PSW10. One 505 will handily outperform two PSW10s.
    Last edited by Tbone289; 02-22-2013 at 03:43 PM.
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    Double bass means that both the mains and the sub will recieve the lower freq signals. You tend to get more bass, but it may not sound as good if your mains have a problem with lower freqs. Sending lower freq signals to the mains also causes your AVR to work harder pusing the woofers at lower freqs. Setting the speakers to small will not allow double bass, because your telling the AVR you want as much lower freq signal as possible going to your sub.

    Leave the sub cross over where audessey set it at. What Audessey is telling you is that your mains are struggling a little with the lower freqs, and it is getting close to that limit. You can raise that number, but not lower it. That is a little high, you may want to rerun Audessy, and make sure the mic isn't being obstructed. Like not setting on a pillow/cushion, and not being blocked by furniture between it and the speakers.

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    All good advice here. 2 subs are definitely better than one, if you can afford the 505, go with it and try to blend the two, if you can only afford another 10, then rock on.

    Let the subs do the work, your overall sound should be better with mains set to small. Having the subs set to 120hz in the avr is good for a seemless blend.

    Be sure to post results.
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    I had a PSW10, it never performed to my expectations. I would opt for a better single then save up to get another one in the future if you feel you need it. That's just me, but like ZLTFUL said above, "As long as *YOU* are happy, don't give a crap what others think". BTW, Name:  welcome.gif
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    Go with 2 psw505. They are inexpensive and they sound awesome!!
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