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Thread: LS70 questions

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    Default LS70 questions

    Hello, I have a pair of LS70s. I love the way they sound (and look).

    I have a few questions that I'm hoping someone might be able to answer:

    1. While removing one of the woofers, I accidentally pulled up a bit on the rubber surrounds. It didn't tear off, but an inch or so peeled up. I just pushed it back down and I don't think I hear any issues. Did I really mess this up? Should I go in and repair this or think about a new woofer...?

    2. What prompted me to remove the woofer was when it was cutting out (more muffled and slightly distorted than fully out). if I touched it (pushed in on it) it came back and was fine for a bit. I took it out of the cabinet and then put it back together assuming it was a loose connection. It was fine for the rest of the night (last time I listened to it). Would you assume it was just a loose connection or is that the sign of a blown woofer?

    3. I've read about upgrading the caps, etc. inside of these speakers. Does anyone have a list of components and perhaps a good source to buy them? I'm what you'd call a soldiering/cap noob so I need my hand held for this one.


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    See the LS70 schematic here for the capacitor and inductor specs:

    There are plenty of threads about quality replacement crossover components--try a search.
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    The rubber surround should be fine. It lifts up to reveal the screws and should go right back in place with no issue.

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    All this time later, looks like i need a new woofer.

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