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    Default Anyone have any experience with NAD cassette decks or NAD cd players?

    Anyone have any experience with NAD cassette decks or NAD cd players?
    Are they any good ?
    What would you say they would be compairable to ? as in other companies ,i am new to the Nad line any help on this topic would be appreciated

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    Older NAD cd players seem to lose the visual display a bit more than other manufacturers. Except for JVC who outpaced everybody in that area.

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    The NAD cassettes are not particularly common but they are nice looking in a (to me, at any rate) aesthetically minimalist way. They are otherwise completely unremarkable and would need the usual rehabilitation at this late date, but should serve well if so maintained.

    NAD CDPs in my (somewhat limited) experience sound good and (by and large) look nice, but tend to suffer from nagging failures (nonfunctional front panel buttons, hit-and-miss disc recogntion) with perhaps slightly higher frequency than the "big brands". NAD had a reputation (not undeserved) of being somewhat less reliable than many of their competitors, but I do think that's been addressed over the decades; the fact that nice NAD equipment is still being made (while much of the competition of the 1970s and 1980s are long gone) speaks to this, methinks.
    all the best,

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    that's what i was wondering! i am getting a NAD tuner , preamp and a amp ,and everyone said they were good , but i was thinking about making a complete nad system but wasn't sure on the cd and tape deck ,,,,thanks

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