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    Default Center channel speakers for stereo?

    Could you use a pair of center channel speakers in stereo mode?
    What issues would you have?

    Looking at a pair of Legacy Audio Silver Screen II's for insatnce.

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    You could, but the results may not be what you expect. modern center channel speakers are designed to handle dialog mainly and do not come across as very musical. And that is part of the design of the speaker itself with tweeters in the middle and mid woofers on both sides. Even standing the speakers on their ends do not change the sonic signatures much, that is why you here in some postings about people matching up center channels with the right Front speakers. IMHO by using this setup will give you a dull sound with no real detail in either the highs or lows. But that is what that type of speaker is designed to do.
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    I guess you could, but that is different from wanting too. Center channels would really be lacking bass, and I don't think a sub could blend well enough with them to be helpful. Could be wrong though, but I would probably go with bookies before 2 center.

    Remember the primary job of centers is dialog. They help with other effects, but dialog is the primary function.

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