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    Default SciFi movie recommendation: "Skyline"

    My wife and I recently watched a pretty good movie that members might enjoy watching. We didn't recognize any of the people acting in it (which actually can be beneficial in terms of suspending belief) but the overall action and special effects were done well. There are a few flashbacks used to move the suspense forward and there is a romantic tension backstory to keep the tender hearted viewers interested, but when the plot hits the "cosmic fan" die hard action fans won't be disappointed. There's plenty of spiky looking spaceships and loads of clumsy footed ten story tall monsters slurping up lots of humans to make any enthusiast happy.
    There's even a twist to the gloomy ending that leaves the viewer with a glimpse of future hope or maybe a sequel?
    Enjoy, Ken

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    Ordered the Blueray. At 2 1/2 stars, you have the burden of proof.

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    I rather enjoyed it for what it was..
    Looks like it had a decent budget for CGI anyway, which is why the actors were not very well known..
    I rate it a solid 5-6 Stars out of 10

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    It was a great sci-fi film to me, not on the level of THX-1138, Forbidden Planet and the like but it was entertaining. Hyrralux did great special effects, even though I'm a little biased as the software tools they used were built by the company I work for. :) So we were excited to see an indi film as this level. There is no typical action hero, the people are just trying to stay alive. Skyline is planned as the first of a three part series and looking forward to the sequel.
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