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    Default Polk PSW10 not working?

    Hello, I am a total noob at home theater, this is my first purchase. I have a Yamaha RX-V471 connected to two Polk Monitor 70 Series II floor speakers (left & right), a Polk CS2 Series II center speaker and a Polk PSW10 subwoofer. I am pretty sure all is connected properly, except maybe the sub. There is a left & right plug input on the sub and I only have one output for the sub from the receiver. I was all excited to try the system out so I played the Transformers movie, something with a lot of action through my Wetern Digital Live media player. I thought the sound was OK, nothing more. I played a few more movies before I noticed that there is no sound whatsoever coming from the center or the sub! On the front of the receiver I can see that only the left and right speakers are lit up. I used the YPAO microphone thing to calibrate the sound and when I test for sound through the GUI, each speaker and the sub makes noise, but that is all, nothing during playback....very frustrating and I don't know what the problem is.

    I just figured out how to get the center channel working by fooling around with the settings on the receiver like you said. I pressed the "MOVIE" button on the remote and I can select different sound settings (action, drama, sci-fi, etc...) But the subwoofer is still not working. It is connected by a single monoaural cable form the sub output on the receiver. In the configuration screen on the receiver, it tests each speaker and sub and I can hear it work when it is tested, but it will not work during playback of anything, movie or music. I just tried out my Xbox 360 on it and the subwoofer light on the receiver front is illuminated, but I don't have any sound coming from it still. My DVD is similar to the WD live media player, no sub light on. I've just looked over the Polk PSW10 subwoofer user manual online and I seem to have done everything correctly. Stumped!

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    Hello 88turborx7,
    Welcome to Polk's forum. If the subwoofer works during the setup and testing then I would imagine the connection and the sub are working correctly. Keep in mind a properly balanced system will sound as though all of the information is coming from the main speakers. Usually if the sub is audible that's an indication of too high a setting for the sub. In other words, all might be well and you just need to get acquainted with how a well calibrated system is supposed to sound.
    Regards, Ken

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