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Thread: Daytona 500

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    There's a season for Nascar?

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    IMHO...agree, a bit of a snooze fest yesterday. Here's my take on what ails NASCAR...Since Earnhardt died in 01, don't believe there's been a serious injury since, just a bruised ankle or broken bone here and there. If you look at the cars they're a cocoon inside, drivers with the HANS device in seats they can't even see around... and foam filled doors to top it off. The tracks now sport marshmallow walls in the turns on top of the concrete. I'm all for safety and agree with making the drivers less vulnerable, but...they've taken away the 'risk'. "Whoa, he's doing 200mph at Daytona!" So? If he crashes, likely nothing will happen. To be watchable, racing needs that element of risk. As seen by the huge crash on Saturday at Daytona, the biggest threat today is to the crowd. Without the risk, they might as well be doing their driving in an arcade.

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    NASCAR rules are the problem. Have been for decades. First, restrictor plates have to go. The idea in racing is to have the fastest car, and that requires an unrestricted engine. Second, this is supposed to be a 'stock car' race, so if a car manufacturer sells a car designed to be a force on a track then a team should be able to race that car.

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    No hard core personalitys like the good old boys used to be.

    You can look down your nose if you want to because they were just southern country folks,country twangs in their speech pattern, but they were the genuine article, individual and regional differences, and colorful.

    These drivers are corporate, suburban or urban types,the worst thing that could have happened to nascar.

    No uniqueness in cars, they really are cookie cutter, which is boring, and this leads to the boxcar racing, you swing out to pass, you drop back 6 or 7 spots, so they just turn left, turn left, turn left as gary mentioned,waiting for a malfunction or wreck, or gas stop.

    Last but not least, no serious cheating, i remember a few years ago, the announcers noting the death of an old timer, he once won a race by far outlasting the field between gas stops.

    They knew he had a spare tank somewhere, after the win they made him pull the car aside, they disassembled it as thouroghly as they could, removing the gas tank, fuel lines everything.

    Finding nothing, they had to turn it back to him along with the win, everything, including the fuel tank,still disconnected and laying on the ground, he then proceeded to start the car, and drive off while shooting the officials a bird.
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    i missed it this year wish i could have seen it but the highlights were good

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    With about 3 laps to go, Danica should have gone out on her own rather than staying behind the #16 car. The #16 car got to the with skillful driving and good pit work, but it didn't have as much acceleration as the other front cars. If Danica went to the inside then the other cars would have had to work with her or try to pass her 3 wide and she had as much car as any of them.

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    Agreed. We were all yelling at her to do just that [as if she could hear us].

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