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    Quote Originally Posted by westmassguy View Post
    I don't think I'd ever risk a tweeter doing that, even at low levels. Best to put a 10 or 12uf cap in series with it. A cheap np electrolytic would do for testing.
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    Yea I agree too, much safer.
    In fact check the resistance with a meter first before you do anything.
    But not everybody has that stuff laying around.
    I try to figure out where this person that is asking the question
    is at as far as test equipment and expertise and suggest a way to check the speaker.
    The fact that he is asking the question means that he is a little bit new at this stuff.
    I started playing around with this stuff on and off since I was 15, 40 years ago,and yea I
    didn't know what I was doing, still don't, but I try

    Quote Originally Posted by StantonZ View Post

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