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    Default Can u run LFE and l/r into one RCA into sub's input?

    This may be a no-brainer, but I have one long RCA running to my sub- can I split that 3 ways to connect the receiver sub and main output to the sub input? Or would I need 3 discrete cables?
    350" 1080p 3D Mitsubishi projector
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V2700
    Mains: T90e's (bi-amped)
    Center: CSiii
    Surrounds: 2x T90e's
    Subs: 2x PSW650

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    You either run 1 cable srom sub uot on your AVR to the sub in of the speaker, or you run the 2 wires from sub out (l/r) tp the l/r input to your sub. Not both.

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    This may not apply here, but:

    While you can (Y) "Why" (or split) the output of a component to two or three inputs.

    You cannot (Y) "Why" (or join) two or three outputs into one input.

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