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    Default newbie question about receiver volume level??? Whats The Deal?

    Hi, all...

    quick question. I am using the following:

    Receiver: Pioneer VSX-1021 (Power Output Per Channel 20Hz-20kHz,.08%THD@8ohm = 90 Watts)
    Front speakers: Polk Monitor 50 (42Hz - 25kHz, @8 ohms = 20 - 150 watts per channel)
    Center: Polk RM6750 center channel
    Surround channel: RM6750 satellite speakers
    Sub woofer: RM6750 Sub woofer

    I also have a Pioneer VSX-921 (Power Output Per Channel 20Hz-20kHz,.08%THD@8ohm = 80 Watts) . I have had this speaker set up connected to both recievers. I notice that when The 921 is connected the volume displayed on the receiver at a reasonable listening level is on the positive end of the dial, around +20 or +30. When the 1021 is connected and at approx. the same listening level, The volume displayed is on the negative end of the dial at around -15 or -20.

    I never really understood why volume zero is not zero? Is the amp in the 1021 too powerful for the speaker set up? The two receivers are only rated at a 10 Watt difference. (for what that's worth)

    It sounds great. I'm just curious why it would be this way... Any one know?


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    Your VSX-1021 is showing you the volume level based on the difference from "reference level", while your VSX-921 is showing you the volume level on a more general scale of 0-100. See the following link for a more detailed explanation:

    You should be able to change your receiver's settings to show the volume in either scale.
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    Rear Speakers: Polk Audio LSiF/X x 2
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