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    Default New to me set of Polk RTs. Would like your thoughts and suggestions.

    Hello all,
    My first post in this wonderful forum!
    Yesterday, I scored a set of older Polks -
    A pair of RT55 (with stands), a pair of RT25, a CS350 Center along with a Velodyne CT-100 sub.
    Cost me a 120 mile drive and $225
    All of the speakers look to be in a pretty good shape. A few scratches on the bottom of the RT25s. The guy said they had been in his closet since 2005.

    Pretty excited about them.
    I plan to hook them up to, either an Onkyo 709 or a Sherwood R-972, replacing my existing Sony SS-F6000 mains and AR satellites.
    At some point, I would like towers for the front, and then use RT55s for surround, and the RT25 for either Surround Backs or Front Heights or Wide.

    Any thoughts on my purchase, and or suggestions?


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    Congrats on the new speakers. Those are excellent speakers. I personally don't see a point in upgrading to towers if you stay in that series. The RT55's are great bookies and make great fronts. You might consider a CS400 as a better match and maybe some RT35's for surrounds if you want to add on.

    Whatever receiver you stick with, they will make the speakers sing. Those aren't hard to drive at all and obviously would benefit from higher tier electronics, but will still sound great on any receiver in my experience.
    Usher CP-6311, Shuguang S200MK, Shuguang S845MK, Pioneer BDP-51fd, Essence Audio HDACC, Douglas IC's, Douglas Alpha bi-wire SC's, Pangea/Douglas PC's, Epson 8100

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    ^^ What he said. ^^
    My humble setup... no more.

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    Thanks DSkip and goofyGAguy!

    I can't wait to hook these up!
    Will decide if I want to add or change anything, only after to listening/enjoying these for a while.

    Anything in particular I should look out for in these speakers, considering the age?
    I am also curious about the differences between what I bought, and the ones with the 'i' suffix (RT55i, RT35i etc)

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    Quote Originally Posted by HTNewbee View Post
    I am also curious about the differences between what I bought, and the ones with the 'i' suffix (RT55i, RT35i etc)
    the drivers are blue on the I's. I don't know if there are any functional differences. Sorry if that wasn't helpful but at least it's a bump.

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