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    Default Monitor 40s & 30s suggested crossover?

    I have 5 speakers from the Monitor Series II. I was wondering what is the recommended crossover point for those. I have a decent sub which costs more than my speakers all together :). I know it has a pretty flat response even to the -19 Hz. Right now I am using the following crossovers:

    Monitor 40s - 100 Hz
    MOnitor CS1 - 100 Hz
    Monitor 30s - 120 Hz

    What do you guys think?

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    Did your auto cal program set these speaker settings?

    If so, I would re-run it. I think the 30's can goa little lower, with no problem, let alone the others. The idea is to let the sub handle as much of the lower freqs as possible. That's it's job. Let the other handle the higher freqs.

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    No, I set those myself... But since then, I have switched back to setting crossover for all speakers at 80Hz as I read that this should provide the best bass management without being audible/obvious when the subwoffer kicks in.

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