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    Default Bi - Amping Question

    Hi Everyone!

    Quick question.

    I have a Denon 1713 (80 watts / channel @ 8 ohms, 120 watts / channel @ 6 ohms, and Maximum power output per channel of 175 watts - as per the website)

    I'm currently using it to drive a pair of RTI A3's. It's doing a good job thus far (volume setting ranges between 0 and 98 I never need to raise it more than 40 to fill the room with sound)

    I'm planning on adding a few more speakers to the set up, i.e. a CSI A6 and a pair of RTI A7's or perhaps (budget allowing) A9's.

    Given the power output per channel above I'm guessing the A9's will be grossly underpowered. With that in mind does it make sense to buy a 2 channel amplifier that's rated at say 150 - 200 watts / channel and bi amp the RTI A9's? Or for the time being is it better (temporary solution) to simply not drive the speakers too hard with the Denon and save and buy a receiver that offers 150 to 200 watts / channel output?

    Also a quick set up question:

    My current set up for inputs and outputs looks like this:

    Laptop / PS3 etc --> Denon AVR 1713 --> Polk RTi A3s & TV

    Could the following work?

    A/V Sources --> Dedicated Receiver --> 5.1 Amp --> Speakers and TV

    Thanks Guys!

    - K

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    Infortunately the AVR model that you have doesn't have pre outs so that you can add an amp.

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    Thanks for the response!

    With that in mind since I am strapped for cash at the moment how do you guys feel a set up like this would work with my Denon AVR 1713?

    Fronts - RTi A3's
    Center - CSi A6
    Surrounds - RTi A3's

    Not to keen on the FXi series, with whatever limited experience I have I've always found bookshelves do a better job as surrounds and offer greater versatility should you choose to update the system to a 7.1 or 9.1 going forward.

    Also was reading on a forum that "true" adiophiles will always use the same speaker as a center if they've got bookshelves as fronts ie RTi A3's as fronts and and a single RTi A3 as a center any thoughts?


    - K

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