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    Default Polk Monitor 50....better than you think?

    So I got a really good deal on a pair of Monitor 50s.I didn't' t expect a WHOLE lot from them, seeing that original retail was, what, less than $400? So, for Christmas this past year, my wife surprised me with a nice new pre-pro from Outlaw (yes, the 975). I hooked them up, hooked it up, and thought "yeah, that's about right. Pretty good, but I need to save up and keep looking for my 'real' speakers." I decided to tune up my system with some new speaker cable, do a proper speaker placement, and break out some CDs to see (hear) the fruits of my efforts. Well, during placement experiments, I noticed some really "high end" hints coming from those speakers. My amp is Rotel, one of the good ones, not the new digital Rotel of late, so I knew the amp could sound great, reviews said the Outlaw sounds great, so I thought my wire and speakers were really holding back that sound I was looking for. So, I digress, the wire made a big difference. Placement made an even bigger difference. Then, as I am in the full throws of tweak city, I noticed ny room really echoed, a lot. So I bought a tree, and some room treatments (basically sound traps for the upper corners of my room). Wow. For the first time in YEARS, a stereo system was able to actually provoke chills! Finally, after going back and forth on the many contrasting views of bi-wiring, I figured, why not try it. The difference was definitely noticeable, to the point that it passed "the wife test." She came home and said the stereo really sounds good. You know, that is a rarity. My wife usually couldn't care less about the stereo.

    I've owned many speakers, and many receivers/amps. I must say that after all the tweaking, I am truly, genuinely impressed with these budget-minded floor standers. Thank you, Polk, for making even the lower end sound high end. Makes me really look forward to a nicer set in the future, but these aren't' t getting kicked out of my room with any sense of urgency!

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    these are really awesome ones to have i tried them its time that you check it up

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    Congrats Lbrize, glad your in happy land. We like to say everything matters in the chain and your proof of that. Too many times we call into question the speaker without ever dealing with the room, placement, cables, or associated gear. Happy listening

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    I had a set of those that i bought used for $100. I paired them with an NAD 7100 that i bought for $75 and $50 NAD 512 cd player that i still have in use It was VERY nice for the money i had into it. I upgraded to M70's and then to Rti10. I kinda wish i would have just stayed with that combo.

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    It's not home, the N.W. will do for now


    Nicely done LBrize! The Monitor series is a great one. I too was in your shoes once with a pair of M70's and noticed the difference the speaker made sonically when making changes to your system.

    The Monitors have so much to offer when treated right.
    Draggn' knee is exhilarating, 150mph wheel standers are pretty cool too

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    M-50s produce a lot of quality, forward midrange, and they are pretty easy to drive, so when one hears them in a showroom the first impression is that they sound "better" than most of what is next to them. Hence a lot of these used to sell very well at places like CC (and the newer TSI-300s at BB).

    They are actually very good for the bargain basement pricing you can get them for. But Polk does make better! So for now, enjoy!

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