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    Default TL3 rear channel, mounting upside down ?

    What are your views on mounting my rear speakers upside down, as they are up higher on the wall when your in the seated position instead of looking at the bottom of the speaker you would see the nice curved top bit

    Good idea or just keep them all the right way up?
    TL350s + PSW108 + Denon AVR-2113ci

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    You could try it, and if you like it fine. I think you would have better results mounting them ouright on your wall and angling them down though. Of course if your furniture is very close to the wall you could place them below the furniture, and point the speakers straight up. That may work better, but who knows.

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    would it be unappealing if he mounted them on the ceiling pointing down, and at the proper angle to the listening position of course?
    AVR: Yamaha RX-V 765
    Fronts: Polk RTiA3
    sub: Polk PSW110(will add 2x PSW 505)
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    The real 2 Channel(work in progress):
    Pre:HK 3490
    Amp:Parasound 1200 MK II
    Sub:RBH 1010-SEP
    Speakers: Monitor 5 Jr. +
    most of my comments are passing on of info, im a noob, im just trying to help how i can, if im wrong or out of place to comment, dont hesitate to let me know :)

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    My TL2s are mounted from the ceiling angled down and they are perfect!

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