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    Default What speakers to get next, I'm bored of electrostat hassle from the Martin Logans

    Well I think I am officially bored of having electrostats for home theater. I love the ML Vistas and will be putting them in a separate room once I buy 2 ch stuff and sound panels.

    I think the Logans are just awesome but hate the whole pulling everything out from the walls. Having the wires all over the place and plugging the, into a wall socket looks messy and gives me a sore head. The placement is a total pain in the a$$ and I just have had enough off it and my wife telling me to put everything back to normal. My speakers are always wrapped in first the dust cloth then I put plastic over that too so you can imagine how ghetto that looks so alas I have had enough. I dont want to have speaker that needs to be wrapped up in plastic just so they function normally

    I will get rid off the stage and have one person begging me to sell it so I may take him up on it and sell of the Source SE's ,Matinee center and the big dog Stage

    I am wondering though what else is there thats going give me great center channel performance? My friend was kind enough to let me hear his sonus faber venere system but dont want to make any rash decisions.

    Is there anything out there you recommend I go take a listen too or what thoughts do you have on new speakers for home theater

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    Check out Legacy Audio -

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    There are a few companies that do home theater at the level of Martin Logan , give you that in the theater feel with sheer force , dynamics and clarity. First one on my mind would be Klipsch Reference series. I don't think another speaker company makes a more dynamic speaker at this level. I will go on record to tell you that they are down right scary. You have to hear a full properly setup Klipsch Reference theater system to really understand.
    Another one would be B&W , they are a true double duty company with sound of the very best sounding speakers made. You can't go wrong with them for movies or music , they simply play what they are given , give them more , they play more. The CM series is where it starts unless your pockets are a bit deeper and can go further , more benefits are awaiting here.
    One more I'll give you to consider is Triad. All series are fantastic but they really show off the higher you go. I understand you have some good amps , your going to need them. They are not amp friendly and demand power in order to perform , but when they do , they sound very real. With proper placement , gauge of wire , and powerful amps , you will experience your favorite movies like never before.
    My personal quest is to save to world of bad audio, one thread at a time.

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    For home theatre use? Any of these would do nicely... although, admittedly, the little A8 is probably best suited for rear surround use...

    all the best,

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    I would look at Zu Audio also. I own a set of Omens and they are very dynamic with very quick transients, similiar to ESs but they have a much wider swet spot.

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