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    Dec 2009

    Default Big thanks to member ZTLFUL!!!! for guidance and as a seller

    Well I started a thread about getting help with building a pc for gaming on as I am totally in the dark on this. I never got a ton of responses but member ZTLFUL was great and responded to all my questions via pm. He helped me look at links and explained diff builds, what they do and how much they cost and I became very knowledgeable and clue'd up

    After I was going to attempt to build one he gave me an offer I just could not refuse and my funds were limited. He threw in free shipping and ate the paypal fee's to help me get to where I needed to be. Now I have what I wanted and more as I was pricing out intel i3 and gtx 660 builds and they were over budget. Now I have a gtx 680 and i5 build coming to my door in the next few days so I just wana do this thread to say thanks for helping me out and letting other members here know what a really nice guy he is and just excellent to deal with

    I just wanted a single screen gaming on 1080p without alot of hassle and now I have it. I just checked out all the pc games like metro 2033 for $10 on amazon and just cause 2 and I am in for a treat. Crysis 3? Metro last light? get the F* outa here xbox lol

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    Dec 2009


    Quick Specs:
    i5 2500k (@4.0 on stock voltage...was at 4.2 and has been benched at 5.2)
    MSI P67A-GD65 (B3)
    8GB Corsair Vengeance LP 1600 (Has been benched up to 1850)
    EVGA GTX 680
    128GB Crucial M4
    320GB Seagate HD
    Corsair HX850
    CM HAF 912
    CM Hyper 212evo w/2 Scythe fans push/pull
    NZXT 5 1/4 bay 5 fan controller
    Win 7 Ultimate 64bit

    Here is the complete specs and all all for around $765

    I can't believe I spelled your name wrong " ZLTFUL" but I am sure others could knowing my track record

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    Aug 2011
    A place called Winnipeg


    Cool man

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    Mar 2011


    Lots of people on the forum willing to help and lots of good deals. Everyone that's given me advice, and sold me stuff, are all class acts. Sounds like you just experienced that, and probably not the first time since you joined the forum.

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    That's great. A big thumps up to ZLTFUL. That's why I enjoy this forum. Good discussions with very knowledgeable people willing to help out.
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    At a comfortable distance.... gaining perspective


    Just a friendly suggestion here........have someone with a gentle touch make all the cable insertions for you on your new puter. JK, it sounds like a really nice thing all around, congrats !

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    WDSM, IA

    Default haven't even got the new machine yet!
    But you're most welcome. I will PM you my number so you can shoot me any questions if you have em.
    Already having sellers remorse...ran upstairs to PM you the tracking number and remembered I had just sent my computer off. Fortunately my phone is charged and my new laptop just showed up so...hehe.

    I think you will really enjoy it. As time goes on, I think you may want to upgrade from the onboard sound card but we can cross that bridge when we get there.

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