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    Default Home Theater and Vinyl...

    I would like to build a system for listening to Vinyl and watching my Blurays and LD's. I'd like a pre/amp surround sound processor that I can set up for listening to my old vinyl. Will use my Monitor 10's for the main speakers. Is this realistic or should I just build two systems. I recently bought a Denon AV receiver and am not happy with it. Who still makes the pre/amp type systems? What brands to stay away from and what ones to try and find? I was thinking 5.1 or 7.1 but don't see a point right now in anything more then that.

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    Hi xjghost,

    I am finally getting settled in with a similar system (see signature). I didn't have room for two systems. I recently bought a used Onkyo PR-SC886 and am quite happy with it. New AV preamps tend to be more pricey than I can afford but if I could I would have gone for the Parasound P7. I keep my turntable some distance from my HT; hence the NAD 106 preamp. But I could also use the phono input on the PR-SC886.

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    I would try something from Yamaha (something from their high-end--doesn't matter what year), which will drive the 10's quite well. I've had my Polks for quite some time, and had a bad experience with Denon way back when. Check my sig and you'll see I don't necessarily have NEW hardware, but it's an all-in-one movie+music system that performs well.
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    A new Yamaha Aventage series (only-nothing LOWER than that) would be fine. And you might want to check out some Pioneer Elite Ice amp series. As far as running a TT. I might consider a separate (tube) phono pre-amp like a Jolida JD9A or something similar:

    Probably a better phono pre-amp than anything you'll find in an AVR!

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