Sorry if my first post is long or in the wrong place but it might be of interest to some.

Found a pair of these at a local thrift for 20$ and found one of the SL6500 tweeter's was bad (otherwise, these sound pretty nice for surrounds). Searching for replacement was an exercise in futility. I did find a source (Electro Mavin)for SL6001's but realize that may not be a good match. I did find something interesting while testing the bad 6500, that the outer dome and flange simply twist off and that it includes the coil. I was able to easily swap the flange from the good tweeter to the magnet assembly of the bad and it worked fine. Coil on the bad was open when metered as I expected.

As it appears the outer flange assembly for the available SL6001 is the same (at least in form factor) I am wondering what the difference is between these models. When I ohm the good SL6500 coil it reads 5.7 ohms and wonder if the 6001 had the same coil spec or not, or if the magnet is the difference. If it where a similar coil and form factor then it might be suitable to snap on to SL6500 and make it whole again, or not. Anybody have some detail on spec for the SL6500? Electro Mavin has spec for SL6001 listed:

•Size / Type = 3.75" Tweeter Dynamic Balance TriLaminate Dome
•SPL = 91 db @ 1w/1m
•Wattage = 45 Watts RMS / 90 Watts Peak
•TriLaminte Dome Tweeter
•Response = 2200 Hz. to 25 kHz.
•Weight = 1 pound ea.
•Magnet = Un-Shielded
•VC = 1"
•Ohms = 8 ohms
•Markings both the SL6001 and BD0113-A part numbers are on the tweeter.

If I can get a suitable replacementfinallyhese I will finaly have surrounds for my HT project. Otherwise I might part it out to then get something not broken