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    Default iPod Classic and Bryston BDP1

    My first music server was the iPod Classic and Wadia 171 iTransport. I still use it for work, along with a Benchmark DAC, and headphones.

    Anyway, today I am adding more files to the drive I use with my BDP1, and then copying that drive onto a new drive I just bought for my new BDP1 I just received for the HT system. While that takes place I am music less unless I use the SACD player. However, it occurred to me to see what happens if I attach the iPod to the BDP1. It works! The directory names are screwy due to how Apple stores files, but all the music is there. So now I am playing tunes through the BDP1 with the iPod as a source.

    Life is good. At least sometimes.

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    Sometimes God, Mother Nature or both shine on us!

    Enjoy the good fortune!
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    Default're right

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    artistu1911 you have been reported spammer

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