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Thread: Woodstock

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    Default Woodstock

    With the passing of Alvin Lee this past week, it prompted me to get out my copy of Woodstock (Director's Cut) and watch his performance in tribute. In searching up what else was released around the 40th anniversary I came across a few books (Three Days that Rocked the World, et al) that I will be ordering. I also was wondering about the six CD set that contains all of the music. Does anyone own this ? If so, what are your thoughts ?

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    I have the set. It sounds like it would if you were there......all F'ed up. Recording quality was not the best.
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    I can't listen to anything Woodstock..
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    I do not have the album or set but have seen the movie about 300x.Of course the standouts for me were TYA,Santana,Joe Cocker
    The Airplane and of course The Who.About The Who's dramatic ending where Pete pounds his Gibson SG a few times gets so feedback then pounds it some more unplugs and what appears for great effect tossed it into the crowd. I asked on another forum where is this guitar because the skeptic in me said it went only into the security/photo pit. Well that's were it land in the waiting hands of the
    hands of the WHO'S road crew.
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