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    Default Using Polk Monitor speakers with RM6750?

    Hey everyone I've had the Polk RM6750 speaker package for awhile and they've been great but I've been looking to eventually upgrade to the monitor series. I bought some Monitor 30s Series II back in December, and will eventually get some Monitor 60s as fronts and a CS1 for the center. Eventually...

    Anyway for the time being I was wondering if I could use the 30s as my fronts with the rest of the speakers from the RM6750 package. I know it's important to match your speakers, especially in the front. Would there be any issue since the monitors are like wooden boxes while the other speakers are plastic?

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    No issue at all. Get the CS2 over the CS1. I've never heard of anyone that preferred the 1 over the 2. People who buy the 1 first always say they wish they would've gotten the 2 to begin with.
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