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    Default Graphene in audio

    So graphene has been in science news a lot lately. Very easy/cheap to produce, yet much stronger and lighter than steel, or most anything else for that matter. The applications you can use this material for are seemingly endless (thus its constant reappearance in the news). It's strong enough to resist diamond cutting, conducts electricity and heat better than copper, silicon or any other commonly used substance, and can be made in thicknesses of a single atom, which makes it the first "2-dimensional" substance known to man. Naturally, someone tried to use it to make a pair of headphones:

    This could revolutionize, well, pretty much everything, including the audio industry. In addition to replacing silicon in transistors, graphene has already been utilized to make "super capacitors" which store as much or more energy as a battery yet charge as fast as a capacitor. Graphene could result in lighter, better performing amplifiers; cheaper, thinner, better-conducting cables (that won't oxidize); lighter, stronger woofers; faster, more efficient electronics, etc. Pretty exciting stuff.

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    Interesting article about how they made the headphones.


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    Very cool article, and I'm waiting for my pair of tweeters to arrive...

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    But will the new components benefit from expensive cables, Im waiting for an answer,............................... hello.
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