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    Quote Originally Posted by VCoak View Post
    Very nice write up moose68bash. I am just beginning my mods to my 1.2's. Bought the RDO-198 and it begins. I am so glad to hear your experience was very positive and can not wait till the finished product. Like yourself I ran into the dreaded non common amp issue and will most likely have to install a dreadnaught. If I may ask is yours installed inside the cabinet of the speaker? Also did you build it yourself? I can barely write my name let alone hold a soldering gun. LOL
    Thank you
    Guys like F1nut know a lot more about this "stuff" than I, but perhaps my experience can be helpful because, like you, I'm not that good with a soldering gun or iron.

    I built my own Dreadnought, and it is located outside the speaker cabinets (I've never heard of one being placed inside a speaker cabinet). Actually, I've built two Dreadnoughts -- one for my SRS 1.2s and one for my 1Cs. I use the Dreadnought with common ground amp on the 1Cs because I hear a definite improvement in sound reproduction with the Dreadnought vs. the stock SDA interconnect cable. I used Toolfan66's enclosure for one Dreadnought, and I designed and fabricated -- with the help of a machine shop and anodizer -- an enclosure for the second. I've posted pictures of the results in a couple of threads. One has a Toroid of Maryland transformer; the other has an Avel-Lindberg transformer from a group buy pulled together by a member of the Forum.

    Integral, critical, essential -- whatever word you like best -- to all the mods on my speakers was Trey of Vr3 Mods. As I've said several times, along with many others, Trey's work is extraordinary, and you should engage him to help you. You won't be disappointed.

    Good luck on your work on your speakers. There many knowledgeable, great folks on this Forum who will give you guidance throughout. Darqueknight's work and documentation is extraordinary!
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    I am headed in the same direction currently. Vr3 emailed this morning and they are very busy. To me that is a good thing as many are following the excellent work they perform.

    The dreadnaught does seem intimidating to me but I will give it a go. DK I believe post how to pics. As I progress I will keep everyone informed. Especially if something is different so others may learn. Very excited to hear the potential of the 1.2 when they are TL'ed.

    As for amps and pre's I am torn. tube v S.S. or tube pre and S.S. amp. But will save that for later.

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