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    Default Center decision for 75Ts

    I just received my new Monitor 75Ts this week and would like to get a better match for my center than the HSU VT641 that was part of my old Ventriloquist system.

    I was planning on getting the Monitor 25C, which is the matching speaker, but I did not realize how big tall it was. It's 20.98 cm, while the space I have between shelves on my stand is only 20.5 cm.

    Would I be better off going with the smaller Monitor 15C, or using the CS20 which matches the similar TSi series?

    Not that price is a major consideration, but the CS20 would cost over double the 15C (unless I find a good sale :) ).

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can offer advice.

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    Default 75's

    Congrats on the 75/T's . I just got my own new pair of 75's this week also. Boy do these sound nice on all kinds of music. Can hear stuff you never heard before and they have more low end punch than my old speakers which had 15 inch woofers in them . Time to rediscover the old vinyl collection !!!!

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    The 15c is a better choice than the CS20, but the 25C is the best choice of the bunch for your application. Little more difference than the looks and size of the different series. Another option would be do get a riser to place the tv on, if you have it setting on the top of your cabinet. It's essentially a 3 sided box, sold in various sizes, that will raise your set enough to accomidate the center channel.

    In my opinion,this would be the best option. You may also look at the possibilitie of placing the center above the tv. Not ideal, but still a workable solution.

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    Hmmm...most of the risers are less than 8.5", so they wouldn't be much better than my current shelves. Thought about various ways today of finding a way to support the 25C, but nothing suits my fancy yet.

    It looks like I can still get an older CS2 (matches the older Monitor 70s) from Polk direct for just a bit more than the 15C. I think this may be the best way to go.

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