Hi. Are there any known issues, common problems, with the PSW110? I ask because while mine is playing, the output has become weak. When I get time I will see if something may have been mistakenly changed in the AV receiver, (Onkyo TX-NR509) but I don't believe that to be the case. I have this running with some Klipsch Quintets and the Onkyo is managing the sub Xover at 120hz. I turn the volume up and it's just weak. It wasn't like this before even though I admit the sub was previously at 3/4 volume as it's not exactly a sub with a lot of authority, but it was doing a fairly good job at what I have it for. I purchased this through Crutchfield slightly over a year ago. How are warranty issues handled in this case provided there is an issue with the sub? Any input/help is greatly appreciated. Thank you.