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    Default DCM speakers on CL. Should I check them out?

    Saw these on CL and they're not too far from me. I have no experience with DCM but I've read that their early stuff was not bad. I think these may be part of the Timeframe series. Are these worth checking out?
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    I would definitely go listen to them if it is not far.

    My tf400s are 38 in. tall, and the driver has a square anti difraction grill visible under the sock, not a round driver with a silver ring.

    There is a great thread called whatever happened to steve eberbach on avs forums which may be a good resource.
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    My first speakers were DCM Timewindows from 1977. I liked them a lot back then.

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    TF's for $75? Hail yeah I would go get them! Look like 400's.

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    For $75 it can't hurt to check them out. Look like TF 350's

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