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    Default What's your preference?

    I recently just purchased a new home theatre speaker system and avr. I purchased RTIA7's, CSIA6, FXIA6 and DSWPro550wi and a Yamaha rxa-720. I set a budget of $2700 and met it with no problem. I am enjoying my system tweaking things in and wondering about other setups. I am not an audiophile by no means but enjoy good sound in a HT setting and listening to my old CD's and digital audio. When I went shopping I went to a few hi-end shops to check them out. I had a shop try to sell me some Sonus Faber Venre's or Focal Chorus 800v's and a Integra AVR. The two towers alone would almost have killed my budget. They did sound fantastic but I never heard them thru an AVR. It was an pre amp, amp setup. My question lies while these things sound sweet how would they sound in a HT environment as a 2 channel setup vs. my multi channel Polk system. Would you get the full surround effect? My biggest mistake was buying an avr without pre outs my system would like more power I am sure. My best setup to date s running YPAO then using the avr to set the center to small, towers to large and surrounds to large with the volume at the sub a 23 and the pass turned all the way up, then at the avr set the cross to 60 and check the extra bass. I have avr set up as a 5 channel bi amp. My center is at 12.2 ft, lf at 10 ft, rf at 11.4 ft, sub a t 10.2 ft and rs6.4 ft, ls 10 ft. Center a +1.5 db, lf 0 db, rf +2 db, rs -3.5 db, ls -1.db sub at +.05. What would have been your choices between my multi channel or 2 channel options?

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    At any given price point in a given system, there will be a 'weak link' that is the candidate for the next upgrade.

    So, you'll have to consider your upgrade path as an evolution of each component - unless you scrap everything and start over at a higher price point for all the components in your rig.

    How will more expensive speakers sound thru your current AVR? Well, to be brutally honest - they may sound better, but the Yamaha will be holding back the potential for the speakers you've listed above - nice speakers.

    So, if you consider the path of this hobby to be on-going, you could get the speakers now, then upgrade your AVR later.

    Who says it has to be all at once? And who says you can't use these as your fronts AND keep your other Polks for the surrounds?

    So what if they aren't exactly timbre matched? You could run the Focals for your fronts AND keep all the other speakers as well to keep a multi-channel system....for now....and you can sleep soundly at night knowing that you have a plan to upgrade down the round when you can.

    It's a path.....there is no final destination in this hobby!

    Enjoy being on the path.

    H9: If you don't trust what you are hearing, then maybe you need to be less invested in a hobby which all the pleasure comes from listening to music.

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    ^^ Well said.

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    We use to call this gas on one of the guitar forums I belong to. Guitar acquisition syndrome. I could see upgrading the avr later for sure and maybe the towers to have great 2 channel audio. I just wanted to get a nice ht system I could use everyday.

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    IMO your system is above typical mainstream people use....I went to have 2 separate systems because it sounded most economical...

    your speakers are more than adequate for HT listening... I stayed with Polk RTi series for HT duty because it made sense and had one of the best bang for buck ratio....
    Video: LG 55LN5100/Samsung LNT4065F
    Receiver: HK AVR445
    Source: OPPO BDP-93
    HT: POLK SPEAKERS RTi6, FXi3, CSi5 - Sub SUB-1200
    2Ch system: MC2105, C-26, AR-XA, MR-80, AR-2A, AR9, BX-300

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