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    Default Another Audiogon Question

    So, this is strange to me.

    I contacted a seller via the private message system about some cables I was looking at buying. The member has 100% feedback and is a long standing member there so normally I trust them easily.

    Well, when I looked through their feedback everyone talked about how great "Lynn" was with the sale. Then I found some newer ones that said "thanks to Robert" for the smooth transaction.

    Now when he sent me back a message he said to call a phone number for Brian and the message system came back with the name of "Kelly" when it came into my email.

    Has anyone else seen any strange stuff like this happen before or have it happen to them? I know there was some issues with some accounts being hacked and well, not really wanting to deal with that.

    The only thing I can think of is that its a store however its run as a personal account and not a business. The seller is located in High Point, NC if that makes any difference.
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    I would call and ask for an explanation at the least. If you talk to them and they are very "audio knowledgable" I probably wouldn't worry too much. Some would say to shy away if anything seems questionable.
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    Maybe it's a business not an individual.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decal View Post
    Maybe it's a business not an individual.
    S'what I'm thinkin'.
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    "Small" businesses operate..... differently. I should know since I work for one. If they set the account up incorrectly, it will likely never get fixed unless it stops working.
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    Quote Originally Posted by decal View Post
    Maybe it's a business not an individual.
    Agreed; or multiple personality disorder...

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    I would buy from which ever person gives you the best deal

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