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    Default New DXi 460P's Installed in Porsche Sound Terrible

    I recently replaced the original paper hi-fi speakers on the rear deck of my '95 Porsche, with a pair of Polk Audio DXi 460P 4"x6" Plate speakers, using the exact same wire connections --- and they sound absolutely horrible. Very low volume and tiny, like AM radio. Fade to forward speakers at same volume, and you're blown out of the car. What the heck did I do wrong?

    [Just FYI, I've wired and rewired and installed electronics in my own cars, boats and homes since I was in my teens and I'm retired now. Must be senility. Whatever.]

    Any suggestions seriously appreciated.


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    Hard to say. Were there only 2 wires going to the factory speakers or were there more?

    What resistance are the factory speakers?
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    Of course it sounds like crap you bought Polk car speakers, you're kidding right, I hope..
    Kaption is the only way to go..

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