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    Default road trip to audio store

    This time it's better news that I usually deliver about an electronics store or chain closing. This time I dropped in on Monmouth Stereo.The store it's self did not blow me away as did Stuarts or Hi-Def. where it was different was the way they treated me and the time they took to explain things.First off I told them of my 2chl set-up and all around agreed the Adcom was a stout great amp w/o any bells and whistles. Then I went into the schpeel of the miriad of sets of speeks I had and told them the Bose were gone. They agreed my weak link would be a dedicated speaker. They only sell 2 brands. PSB of different models and styles and Monitor Audio which were not to bad at all.For a wood speaker @ $1200 a pair and they only sell pairs in both reality and in pricing.Their mid end amp room was all NAD w/ Marantz.The high end room was Parasound HALO 21 and this was a huge amp. I got into the wire rap and they said for minor runs 14gu was fine for anyone after that go for what ever floats your sailing ship.They did once sell Polks but after they were to be sold @ Circuit City and other chains they dropped them like a rock.They also sold Klipsch for a while but they though they were to bright among other reasons and dropped them also.So a store that has limited gear and can concentate on that stuff makes a lot of sence.Also I noticed an AUDIO TECHNICA TT complete box set-up for $350. not bad to start your platter runs.

    I asked if it would be ok and George said go for it. Since I got my tt I bought some albums from George.Great both in the grade and condition given and in the price said they were going to be .Thank you George Grand.....

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    George is a real pleasure to do business with. I'm hoping to get to 100 posts here, so I can also buy from him here.

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    They agreed my weak link would be a dedicated speaker.
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