I distinctly remember asking you guys if a pre amp has oulets to power on your other sources do you use them. Well almost to a man/woman and child you said NEVER plug your sources into the back of any brand pre,no matter what the co.rep is.I guess it was that one bad lightening strike and ever bit of gear could be wiped out in an instant where if it was in a power center or regulated plug strip w/ enough joules protection you should be fine.
So I have another Mac pre ? here.Most Mac pres and I believe other makers also allow you to hook up your speakers directly to the pre/amp like the C-28 and so forth .For the most part lets say a Mac 2100 industrial amp the speakers get hooked up to barrier strips and then ICs fron the amp to the pre. Most Mac amps have these strips where you can h/u at the amp instead of the pre. What is the advantage of doing this . I hope I'm not answering my own question again but w/ a C-28 and speakers directly to that then you are limited in power. If in fact you go the way of speakers to the amp of any power and only use the pre for adjustments then that's an answer .Is it the only answer ,is there any other reason except for power than going directly to your preamp even if it's on the larger watt side.