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    Default Talking Heads box set is great

    I just went to the local mall (something I dread and try not to do too often, ha) and stopped by FYE to see if they had any good music deals and I came across the Talking Heads box set, Once In A Lifetime, for only $19.99. Brand new and sealed. The original list price was $65. I like the Talking Heads but had not listened to them for years and, in the past, only had one of their albums (Fear of Music). Without knowing anything about the box set, I went ahead and bought it. I couldn't lose at that price. I am listening to it now and it is great. Sound quality is superb and the songs are fantastic. I am really liking it and just wanted to share and let others know how good it is. I would not have paid the original $65 price but I recommend this a lot if you can get a deal on it. The box set (and the reason it caught my eye) is a weird shape (weird and Talking Heads, funny, huh?): long and narrow (a little over 5" wide by 17" long) that will probably not fit on any shelf and definitely not on a CD rack. But there are 3 CDs of great music and 1 DVD. A very nice box set. And I am enjoying it on my new (to me) Rotel RCC 1055 CD player. So it's been a good day!

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    If you like the sound quality of the Talking Heads stuff, you might want to check out some of David Byrne's solo works. All of those albums have excellent recording and mastering quality.
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    Talking Heads have some great music and great sounding music. I have all of the German/Japanese first/second pressing CD's and I will probably stick with those. But, I am glad you got a good deal on the set and are enjoying it.
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    this sounds awesome!

    I like Talking Heads, and love the True Stories movie they made. I really don't know the difference from one release to another, but if you say that the box set sounds nice, I'll for sure look to add that to my collection

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    Gotta say, I thought that something like 77 could never sound fresh to me again, heard it so often and knew it so well...then a friend bought the remastered 77 a few years ago and played it through his "ok"/"good" system (Adcom GFP-565, GFA-535, and Ed Frias speakers).

    Very surprised. Very impressed. Cd did, in fact, sound new to me - acoustic guitars were really brought out. Had a similar experience with Remain In Light. I'm very impressed with these Talking Heads remasters (I think Jerry Harrison put a lot of work into them - he was always their attention-averse ace in the hole).
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    HDTracks have most of their albums in 24-bit. I have them all, they all sound great.
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    I absolutely agree about the sound quality of the Talking Heads remasters. In fact, they are among my references when trying out new gear. The HDCD of Stop Making Sense is usually the first disc I take for a spin when trying out a different piece.
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