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    Default cross over settings db650

    I recently did an install on my 2003 Chevy S-10 using the Polk db650 coax. The shop that did the instsall was totally amazed at the sound coming from those speakers using a 1990 era Nakamichi PA-300II (new never used). I also put some db460 in the dash which run off of the head unit and installed a JL Audio Stealthbox which is driven by a Nakamichi PA 400M. Both amps are crossed over using a Phoenix Gold Tantrum X204 2 way 18db per octive crossover. Here is where I have a question. The factory standard low pass chip is 90Hz and the high pass chip is 125Hz. Is there a reason for the 35Hz gap? Should I be using a 90Hz or 100Hz high pass chip for the high pass or should I go higher on the Low pass chip, or should I leave as is? If someone with experience in crossover points for the db650 could give me some pointers I sure would appreciate it. My email address is

    Thanks & Happy Holidays

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    if it was a 6 db / octave slope then i might be able to understand that... but at 18 db/octave i dont get it man.

    get a different crossover -- one with an adjustable dial for high and low pass indiviually, and set it to your liking. -- unless u like what you've got, then keep it.
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    Thanks for the reply but you forgot to answer my question. Which was, what value high and low pass chips should I use?

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