Hi folks,

My first post at the Polk forum. I've had a pair of Polk Audio M10s and a Polk Audio PSW10 on my small home theater system for a few years now. For what I ask of them, they do a great job. I've decided to upgrade to a 5.1 surround sound setup and take advantage of my Yamaha receiver in my small apartment.

Late last night, I ordered a pair of M50s for the front channels and a CS1 center channel speaker. The M10s will be mounted on the rear wall for the rear channels.

So I already ordered them but I still have some questions.....

Will the M50s and M10s work nicely together for HD movies and music?

Will 80Hz still be the best crossover setting on my receiver or will the M50s and CS1 benefit with a lower setting?

Should all of the speakers sizes be set to "small?"

What's the best way to mount M10s as rear channel speakers? My apartment is small. I sit only about 7 feet away from my front speakers with my couch against the rear wall. Will the M10s work well mounted flat on the wall and about 3-4 feet to either side of the couch? I was thinking of having them mounted about 6 feet high so they will be out of the way (there will be a futon under one of the rears where I lay and watch movies from time to time).

Thanks for yout time! I am very excited to get my new toys in!